Piezoelectric Ceramics

High quality piezoceramics for medical and industrial applications. Our products have the highest batch reproducibility in the industry. This allows our customers to optimise their designs and improve performance and production flow.

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We can provide a ceramic material meets your specific requirements. Let our experts help you select the best device.

60 years of experience in manufacturing high quality piezoelectric ceramics

From university students and research organisations to medical device manufacturers, we can help you to find the right ceramic material for your application.

Ceramic clean room at Denmark

3 million shipped every year

Our piezoceramic materials are at the heart of ultrasonic transducers, vibration sensors and underwater acoustic devices used in a wide variety of medical and industrial applications.

The main focus through our entire production process is to provide materials and components with the highest possible reproducibility of properties and parameters and to obtain the lowest aging rates in the industry.

Over 1 million pieces delivered to pacemaker manufacturers

A cost-effective way of creating complex piezoceramic structures.

  • Excellent for miniature medical sensors and transducers
  • Fully automated production line
  • Turn-key solution since December 2011

An innovative new technology that integrates piezoceramic thick film and various substrates.

It can be used in in the following applications:

  • ultra-high frequency acoustic transducers
  • MEMS accelerometers
  • integrated actuators
  • energy harvesting

Ideal for structural health monitoring (SHM)

Highly flexible and ultra low-weight.

A new technology to replace bulky, complicated wiring. It is used to create an acoustic sensor array – excellent for non-destructive evaluation (NDE) or structural health monitoring (SHM).

This piezoceramic material can be ‘printed’ directly onto a flexible substrate, such as polymers, plastics or even carbon fibre. It can cover large surface areas, such as a complete composite wing.

For more information, please visit our specialist site, www.meggittferroperm.com.

Key customers

We have a diverse customer base because our piezoceramic materials and components are used in five primary markets:

  • medical ultrasound (HIFU)
  • non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • flowmeters
  • underwater acoustics
  • vibration sensors